The Chandler Curriculum Outline for Training Pop Singers

Kim Chandler

'Your curriculum poster is great! A very rare oasis of truth and sanity in the vocal pedagogy world. You have successfully defined and distilled singing into basic elements. It could become a true classic...' - Tapani Rauha, Singing Teacher, Turku, Finland

'Bloody brilliant!' Vocal Coach, Melbourne, Australia

April 2022
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This unique poster is designed to be a convenient tool for both teacher and student alike as a quick reference and summary of the main “hit points” for planning and structuring content in a singing lesson and building an ongoing personalized program for learning and performance.

It’s a generic schema with bullet points covering several key areas: posture, breathing and support, tone and registration, diction, rhythm, vibrato, pitch, harmony, range, agility, musicianship, interpretation, performance, amplification and technology and vocal health. While most of these pertain to all singing, the content emphasises how this applies specifically to pop music, in its broadest definition. 

The earliest version of this curriculum outline was first proposed by this author in the conclusion of her Masters thesis (London College of Music, 2001). This poster is the latest amended, expanded, and updated version. Based on the observations of the author’s many years of high-level performing experience, the content was devised by reverse engineering what pop singers needed to be able to do and know about in order to be effective in the music industry and presenting it concisely and clearly by breaking it down into the abovementioned areas.

This poster is designed to inform and guide every key aspect of performance - from individual lesson content through to the development of whole curricula at tertiary level in schools, colleges, universities and independent teaching studios.

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About the Author

Kim Chandler MMus BMusEd

Kim Chandler is one of the world’s leading contemporary vocal coaches. She runs a busy private studio in Marbella, Spain, where she coaches an elite clientele of international stadium band singers, charting artists from every genre, professional singers and other vocal coaches online.

As a performer, Kim has three decades of high-end performing experience in both live performance and studio singing. Aside from her voice being heard on films, albums, cruise ship shows and thousands of jingles worldwide, she has also been a backing vocalist for  high-profile artists such as The Bee Gees, Natalie Cole, Michael McDonald, Bjork, Michael Bolton, Leo Sayer, Rick Astley and Susan Boyle, in addition to having performed at some of London’s most iconic locations such as the Royal Albert Hall, Downing Street, Wembley Arena and Stadium, the O2 Arena and Buckingham Palace (

Kim was Musical Director of large corporate recording sessions at London’s Abbey Road Studios for many years and was one of the vocal coaches for audition tours of “The Voice UK”. She is regularly invited to run masterclasses, workshops and teacher training events, and is also a regular presenter at national and international voice conferences, including being a keynote speaker in her home country of Australia.

In the academic world, Kim spent a decade in various leadership positions as President and Director of the British Voice Association, and as a Principal/Senior Lecturer at Leeds College of Music and London College of Music respectively and was the Head of Vocals at Vocaltech (now BIMM London).

Her educational work features in many masters and doctoral theses and in compendiums such as Training Contemporary Commercial Singers (Compton, 2022), Teaching Singing in the 21st Century (Springer, 2014) and The Ultimate Guide to Singing (TC-Helicon, 2014). Kim is the sole creator of the internationally popular Funky ‘n Fun vocal exercise series used in many institutions, private studios and by many touring artists that provides the basis of her “Funky Fundamentals for Pop Singers” course (