214 pages
ISBN 978-190908-258-8
Colour illustrations
Price £25.00
A Singer's Guide to the Larynx
Anatomy with imagination
Nicola Harrison and Alan Watson

The vocal instrument is made up of so many different parts and is supported and maintained by so many muscles, joints and cartilages, that its anatomy and function in relation to the act of singing has long been veiled in mystery.

This anatomy book has been written specifically for singers and is an attempt to rectify this. Intended as a manual for teachers to work with and share with their students, the book's design, images and imaginative approach will help explain this complex subject in an engaging and interesting way.

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‘The figures are clear and beautiful, simply delightful and I think the knowledge presented in the text is hugely important for teachers of singing who, in the shadow of previous misunderstanding, need to understand the instrument and each other in order to profit from exchange of experience and ideas.’ Johan Sundberg