April 2023
350 pages
ISBN 978-1-909082-70-0
216 x 279mm/8½ x 11”
Price £110
Manual Therapy for Voice and Swallowing
A Person-Centered Approach
Walt Fritz

At the heart of this new book is a departure from the norm of expert clinician directing anatomically-based and traditional treatment regimes. Instead, Walt Fritz presents a scenario wherein the client, as an equal, is leading the clinician, through responses to questions, to behaviors, and to touch.

This shared decision-making approach questions and challenges existing manual therapy practice and in the words of the Author, aims to '...introduce to you an updated mechanism of action to explain MT effects and then turn to intervention. If you are currently using MT in your practice for voice, swallowing, breathing, oral-motor, or other related issues, the material presented here may challenge what you’ve been taught...'

Eminently practical and profusely illustrated with clear, step-by-step images and text, the Author presents evaluation guidelines, conditions that lend themselves to manual therapy, along with specific and in-depth interventions.

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