350 pages
ISBN 978-1-909082-17-5
Color illustrations
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Speech Pathology Management of Chronic Refractory Cough and Related Disorders
Anne E. Vertigan and Peter G. Gibson
Contributions from Ken Altman, Max Haxer, Thomas Murry

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This is the first textbook worldwide on the speech pathology management of chronic refractory cough. It offers a comprehensive overview of the condition, outlines therapy in great detail and consolidates recent advances in this area.

Cough is such a common experience that it in fact accounts for the largest number of ambulatory health care visits internationally. Most cases of acute cough resolve spontaneously however Chronic Refractory Cough is another matter. This is defined as a cough that lasts for longer than eight weeks, and persists despite medical treatment; and it is a significant health problem for many people. Often lasting for months or even years..

Management of chronic refractory cough is an expanding area for speech pathologists, yet many have limited clinical exposure to the treatment of this condition and comprehensive details of the theory and treatment are not readily available in published form. This book, the result of a therapy program which is defined by the authors, who are both practicing clinicians as well as researchers, and based on evidence and background research, can be used by speech pathologists in all clinics.