114 Pages
ISBN 978-1-909082-72-4
Price £19.00
50 Ways to Abuse Your Voice
A Singer's Guide to a Short Career
Second Edition
Robert T Sataloff, Mary J Hawkshaw, Jaime Eaglin Moore, Amy L Rutt

Abuse it, you lose it!

Here is the second edition of the bestselling guide to ruining your voice - and your career prospects. In 50 succinct chapters, you'll find practical guidance on how you risk damage to your performing and professional voice - even if you're not a singer.

This new edition has been fully revised and updated; incorporates new materials - from vaping to virtual teaching; features expanded commentaries on a range of topic areas - from choosing the wrong doctor or speech pathologist, through medical issues with asthma and reflux; and addresses behaviorally-based problems like singing and playing a wind instrument, denying a voice problem... and not following your doctor's advice!

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'...it’s an easy, enjoyable read and would be a good starting point for new people to voice. They would get a good grasp that there is much much more to voice care than the voice alone. Melanie Mehta (view full review here: https://aotos.org.uk/reviews/)