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April 2023
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The Heart of the Breath
Alison Mary Sutton

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Alison Mary Sutton is an experienced singer and singing teacher who has spent many years working as a singing rehabilitation specialist, including patient referrals from a UK voice clinic where she is the Singing Rehabilitation Coach.

In this new book, the first in the Vocal Health and Rehabilitation: Clinical Pathways and Practical Applications Series, she examines the critical role of the breath in singing and performing voice, coupled with a detailed client case study on MTD in a CCM singer that demonstrates, practically, how these principles have been successfully applied.

With a clearly laid out rehabilitation pathway, supported by progressive exercise routines illuminated by audio and video clips, the MTD case study is beautifully clear and concise, and provides a framework for a client-specificrehab programme.


‘I struggle to think of a more capable and committed professional in the world of
voice care. Alison has an extraordinary skill in rehabilitating complex vocal injury,
through a thorough understanding of detailed anatomy and physiology, both at a laryngeal and holistic level. It has been a privilege to share patients with her.’ Ed Blake – Laryngeal and Vocal Physiotherapist

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in voice rehabilitation, as well as those who would like to gain a deeper connection with breathwork as a singing teacher. It is a book for singers and teachers of all genres and indeed many of the exercises would also be applicable for those of us working with spoken voice users. Although a book about the breath, it presents tools that can be integrated into a holistic approach to the voice, considering a range of other important issues. Association of Teachers of Singing Reviews