The Voice Clinic Library
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Perfect for voice clinics, this collection meets the cross-disciplinary needs of Laryngologists and Speech Pathologists alike. Much of it will also serve the needs of other members of the voice team - from singing teachers to voice scientists.

With a combined published price of £629.00 we recognize that this is no little outlay for any clinic or, indeed, clinician. So we have halved it! You can purchase this set for only £314.50 which, as any mathematician will, hopefully, tell you, is a saving of £314.50!

Even at this price, we recognize some may wish to stagger payments or ask for special invoicing to meet expenditure limitations. So just ask. We are happy to accommodate your individual needs. And if you have already purchased one or more of these titles, but still want to complete the library, let us work out a price for your specific requirements.If you need to write, then contact:

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Voice Clinic Handbook Second Edition
Published price £135 
Speech Pathology Managment of Chronic Refractory Cough and Related Disorders
Published price  £90
Vocal Fold Scar
Published price  £85
A Practical Guide to Laryngeal Framework Surgery
Published price  £85
Laryngeal Endoscopy & Voice Therapy
Published price  £55
Psychosocial Perspectives on the Management of Voice Disorders
Published price £125 
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Voice Therapy
Published price  £49
The Vocal Pitstop: Keeping your Voice on Track
Published price  £15
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