Laryngology, Speech pathology and singing
Posters and Educational Models

This range of educational models and poster is extremely popular with laryngologists, communication

sciences professionals and singing and voice teachers. Listed here are our bestselling models.

Educational Posters

Excellent for client education, these posters are portable, durable, can be used with dry-wipe markers and are excellent in clinic or studio. Each poster is 432x305mm (17x 12") in size and Priced at £25 each.

See also Muscles and Musculoskeletal posters here. Great for singing studios and speech pathology clinics 


Speech Articulation P Poster Set
Educational Posters

Swallowing Disorders P Poster

Head & Neck Anatomat

Head Rubber Mat Model

This small (approx 20cm square) rubberized anatomy mat has proved a great hit - with voice professionals in client education and also with singing teachers, where it resides on the piano. Portable and featuring a 3-D relief that gives depth to the detail for a greater appreciation of anatomy. If you don't have one, order a piano right away! 

Only £35.00

Ear Anatomat

This small (approx 20cm square) rubberized anatomy mat is an excellent tool for hearing professionals in client education. The Ear Anatomat is durable, portable and features a 3-D relief that gives depth to the detail for a greater appreciation of anatomy. 

Only £25.00

Larynx crystal

At three inches high, this model features a lasered 3D image of trhe human larynx. Perfect for client education - or even as a gift to colleagues or clients. Weight 1 pound.

Only £25.00

Ear Model - Small
Ear Model Small

Pocket-sized at only 12cm high, made from durable resin and showing great detail of the structure of the inner and outer ear. Valuable as an educational tool in schools and colleges of music and the performing arts, as well as for otolaryngologists, audiologists and speech pathologists in clinic.

  Comes complete with stand at only £35.00