speech pathology computer 11 app set
SLP 11 App Set

Transform your client education in clinic, in waiting rooms or even in classrooms.These apps provide detailed anatomy and function of the larynx, vocal folds, articulation, neurology and hearing, with animations, xrays, endoscopic images and films bringing furtherclarity. The Speech Pathology computer apps package comprises 11 apps as follows

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  • Cerebrum ID
  • Swallowing DT
  • Afficates. Stops Consonants
  • Fricative Consonants
  • Semi Vowels Consonants
  • Central, Diphthong Vowels
  • Front, Back Vowels
  • Ear ID
  • Larynx ID
  • Vocal Folds ID
  • Respiration ID
  • Includes 6 illustrative mini cards.

Common features to all apps include 

  • Structure ID: interactive full color illustrations, as each part is touched or rolled over, the part highlights, the part name and description text changes. Description text shows or hides on
  • Animations: all views include full color animations.
  • Modern touch screens will two finger pan and zoom all animations and structure ID pages, videos pan. Sliders provided for non-touch screens.
  • Drawing white board feature.
  • Screen shot white board to file for easy email and printing.
  • Each app runs independent of the others.
  • Designed for PC and Mac desktop computers.
  • Programs requires free Adobe AIR, included on on install media.
  • Tested for Windows 10, 8.1 - Mac OS X 10.X. Programs typically work with any system that AIR successfully installs to.
  • Programs delivered via thumb flashdrive. 
    Not available as a download.

Screen grab shows the laryngeal structure - build from hyoid bone to thyroid and watch animations of function from multiple viewpoints.

View the key parts of respiration for the body, head and larynx, plus animations of inhalation and exhalation for thorax, lungs and body.

See and hear the formation of vowel and consonant sounds with animations and descriptive, context driven text.

See the vocal folds in motion - also includes endoscopic  filmed images. Highlight anatomical features with glossary.

Swallowing apps show normal and pathological examples with xray, endoscopic film and animations.

View the complex anatomy of the brain, with cutaways and context related text to illuminate anddescribe anatomy and function.

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