The Secret Life of Consonants
Make your songs as good as your warm-ups!
Angelika Nair, PhD


This new book very concisely hammers home the point that, until singers and teachers pay critical attention to the resonance of consonants, their vowels, on which virtually all singers focus, are doomed.

The author has already achieved rapid acceleration in her students' understanding of the complex strategies regarding resonance of consonants and, drawing on data from her research project (The low-mandible maneuver (LMM) and its resonential implications for elite singers (Journal of Voice, 2016)), Dr Nair combines the use of ultrasound imagery (supported by MRI) with step-by-step instructions  on just how to get it right!


About the Author

Equally expert in music from the Baroque era to music of our own time Austrian-American mezzo-soprano Angelika Nair has soloed in oratorio, sung opera roles and performed song recitals throughout the USA, Austria, Italy and Germany and is currently scheduled for appearances in NY, NJ and various European venues.

While maintaining a singing career Dr Nair is teaching an extensive voice studio as a Professor of Voice at Drew University and College Saint Elizabeth. In addition, as Guest Lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria she has developed the content of the course Technology in Voice Study & Voice Pedagogy, specializing in the use of spectrography and ultrasound - which was evaluated highly by both solo voice and voice pedagogy students for its practical application.

With a background in Taiji and Qi Gong, Dr. Nair has not only started to research and specialize the use of voice technology and kinesthetics, but pioneered, in collaboration with Garyth Nair, the use of ultrasound as biofeedback tool (Best Poster at the Voice Symposium 2013), conducted groundbreaking research investigating the physiology of the Low Mandible Maneuver (drop of the posterior mandible) and its ramification for resonance production (Journal of Voice, 2015), as well as the rehabituation of tongue shapes utilizing ultrasound.

Dr Nair studied voice and conducting at the Kunstuniversität as well as musicology at the Karl-Franzens University (Graz, Austria).


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